I'm a London based photographer and my work is focused on food and travel stories.

Since I can remember food has played a fundamental part in my whole life. Family reunion, running around the table, waiting for my grandma Sunday lunch, the fresh fish caught by my father - those are indelible marks.

With a Sicilian family food orientated and complementary hospitality background, I'm fascinated by how food plays a fundamental role in our life. Which I believe is to help to create connection between people and culture.


Through my photographs, I intend to capture the simple everyday moment with a sense of sincerity and wonder and I hope to inspire others to respect the food world (producers, restaurants, chefs, etc...).

Clients include:

La Tua Pasta, The Bagel Factory, Spaghetti House, Food & Drink guides, SUITCASE magazine, Italy magazine, The Mediterranean magazine, Eat 17, The Bear Kitchen, Glendola Leisure & more.


2020 Shortlisted for Pink lady food photographer of the year - Category The Philip Harben Award for Food in Action

2018 PDN TASTE Winner of Food editorial photography

2017 Foodelia Winner International food photography awards

Noemi Scavo photo
🍒Fun Fact🍑
Guilty pleasure food: I can't say no to pizza!
I can't live without MUSIC.
Favourite destination: On an island by the sea.
Coffee: Espresso.
I'm from: Catania, Sicily.
I can't eat: Anchovies.
If I wasn't a photographer: A dancer (I studied it for 12yeas)
Favourite colours: Blue & Green.
I'm scared of: Bees
My mantras: Beauty everywhere, be kind, try to be a better person every day.

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