Remote shooting

A new way of creating content while staying safe during a global pandemic.

Are you a brand, a company or a blogger in need of content but not sure how it can be done with stay at home orders?

Hi, and thanks for stopping by!!

I'm focused on finding creative solutions for our clients no matter where they are, so they have fresh, new content for all of their marketing needs. In my London home studio, I have the ability, space, equipment as well as a surface & prop collection to make your project happen. Perfect  for food, drink, recipes, still life, product & editorial.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions. We’re all figuring out what it means to be virtual these days.

I look forward to hearing from you and working together!!


How does it work?
Mano che tiene il sacchetto di carta mar

Send an email with the creative vibe, shot list, and your budget. We’ll arrange a time to have a discovery call to plan

everything out and dial in the fine details. When that’s all ready to go, we figure out the day(s) to shoot!

If there are products involved, you’ll arrange delivery, and I'll  organize it for its all-star moment.

Colazione romantica

 There are a couple of options for remote shooting.

1). You can “attend” the shoot via videocall where I’ll be sharing my screen for approvals. You can either view all day or check-in when needed.

2). We can text and utilize the “Tapback” feature on the iPhone or what'sapp.

Love Drunk Champange

You'll receive a link via WeTransfer to download all your images.

Super easy, right?!

If you sent products, you’d provide a prepaid return label to send it all back.